Option Page

Option 1 Product Description

The Sefardic DNA Project” is for those individuals whose DNA results officially meet the proper criteria of the testing laboratory in Israel, whereby said individuals fall into the category of “descendants of Sephardic Jews, from Spain, of the immigration of 1492”.
These individuals will be entered into a very special and unique database of 20,000 positive DNA results, that will be presented to the Israeli government, for review and consideration; to be entered into the law of return “Aliyah” application process,  specifically for “Anusim”. Said individuals must pledge they are ready and willing to immediately and unequivocally make Aliyah. If and when these 20,000 positive DNA documents are finally approved by the Israeli government, these 20,000 individuals will be the very first Anusim to apply for Aliyah utilizing the new category of documents added to the law of return to assist directly the Anusim to achieve the desired goal.

Option 2 Product Description

Is for  those individuals who desire the same positive result as Option 1 yet are not ready, at this time, to physically make Aliyah as Anusim and/or simply for now, are content with having the positive result in hand to use at a future date if they desire and are not included in the list, nor added to at a later time as part of the first official 20,000.

All RESTRICTIONS from Option 1 apply to Option 2.